lifestyle friday: this is what _____ looks like: a day in her life

This is a special lifestyle friday.  Rather than focusing on one activity she does I decided to do a day in the life AND do it in manual focus.


Yes, you read that right.  In MANUAL focus.  I turned off the magical button which makes the camera focus and had to turn the focus ring on my lens until what I wanted to capture was in focus.


WHY would you do that Colie?  Well there are a myriad of reasons but bottom line when you are learning photography you should push yourself to learn new things and this is currently on my list.


Push yourselves and don’t forget to capture your memories TODAY.  They aren’t getting any younger!


***Last picture WAS autofocus and taken with the remote



lifestyle friday: this is what _____ looks like: GrandmaTime

Hi all-  this week I decided to highlight some pictures of my daughter and mom during her visit to Colorado for the last two weeks.  We had great walks, fun with chalk, splashes in the water, yummy Starbucks frappes (theirs were non coffee) and fun with all of her toys.  Some things NOT caught by the camera?  Walking down the stairs like a BIG girl and my daughter swatting my hands so grandma could push the buggy through Target.

We were sad to see her go, BUT we have lots of pictures to remember her until next time!

NOTE*** this ode to Grandma was done in Black and White because that’s what she loves 🙂


We love you grandma!

lifestyle friday: this is what _____ looks like: cloth diaper laundry

Well I struggled with this one.  The focus was on cloth diapering and what happens when we wash them but this could have easily been a “this is what helping looks like” since my daughter loves to help.

A little background, we cloth diapered within the first 2 weeks starting the day before her newborn picture session.  Initially, it was about saving money.  This progressed into being great for the environment (did you know it takes 500 years to decompose a disposable diaper???) and finally became all about the cuteness of diapers made by work-at-home-mothers.  You may even call it an obsession!

If you are considering cloth diapering or would like to learn more I highly recommend reading up on the topic.

here and here

There are several cloth diaper stores that allow you to “try before you buy”. Contact a local store near you to go in and take a look in person.

Jillian’s Drawers

Itsy Bitsy Bums

lifestyle friday- this is what _____ looks like: naptime

Hello all-

I am trying to push myself to work on many aspects of photography this year, most of all taking purposeful pictures of our everyday life.  I have decided for my creative exercises I will post a “this is what _____ looks like” in true lifestyle fashion every Friday on the blog. 

This week, naptime.  Now you may think to yourself “this is bold” I would never risk waking my child to snap some photos.  Ha ha ha I totally agree.  I have made a habit of keeping my camera on and ready for these moments I wish to photograph.  One thing I have started to do is bring the camera upstairs with me and keep in on the nightstand when I am putting my daughter down for a nap or for bed so that if I can I am ready to snap while she sleeps or when she wakes.  While I admit my shutter noise can be loud in a quiet room for this week I was willing to risk waking her.

So, for my first lifestyle friday: here is what naptime looks like