Meet the G family | Boulder Lifestyle Family Photographer

What a beautiful day for family pictures.  First I want to thank all the brave men and women who defend our country: past, present, and future.  This session was the great way to end my Memorial Day holiday.




lifestyle friday- this is what _____ looks like: naptime

Hello all-

I am trying to push myself to work on many aspects of photography this year, most of all taking purposeful pictures of our everyday life.  I have decided for my creative exercises I will post a “this is what _____ looks like” in true lifestyle fashion every Friday on the blog. 

This week, naptime.  Now you may think to yourself “this is bold” I would never risk waking my child to snap some photos.  Ha ha ha I totally agree.  I have made a habit of keeping my camera on and ready for these moments I wish to photograph.  One thing I have started to do is bring the camera upstairs with me and keep in on the nightstand when I am putting my daughter down for a nap or for bed so that if I can I am ready to snap while she sleeps or when she wakes.  While I admit my shutter noise can be loud in a quiet room for this week I was willing to risk waking her.

So, for my first lifestyle friday: here is what naptime looks like