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Let the Kids Summer Shot List

Here is my daughter waking up!  Still have many more summer memories to capture!!!


Which of these memories will you capture? 

lifestyle friday: this is what _____ looks like: a day in her life

This is a special lifestyle friday.  Rather than focusing on one activity she does I decided to do a day in the life AND do it in manual focus.


Yes, you read that right.  In MANUAL focus.  I turned off the magical button which makes the camera focus and had to turn the focus ring on my lens until what I wanted to capture was in focus.


WHY would you do that Colie?  Well there are a myriad of reasons but bottom line when you are learning photography you should push yourself to learn new things and this is currently on my list.


Push yourselves and don’t forget to capture your memories TODAY.  They aren’t getting any younger!


***Last picture WAS autofocus and taken with the remote


Capturing Summer Moments: Do you click?

There are a lot of photos projects out there.  I created one specifically for my birth board and tailored it for our growing toddlers, they will all be turning 2 very soon.  I am hoping by the end of summer I have some great photos to make a summer memory book for my daughter.

What are you taking pictures of this summer?



  1. pictures must be taken from June 21- Sept 21
  2. you can share these where ever you wish, but SHARE them (a blog, facebook, flickr account, a SmugMug account)
  3. they do not need to be taken with a camera, your iphone will do 🙂  You should try to get non-blurry pics though!
  4. if you are sharing them on the web in a non-private manner, watermark them
  5. identify which shot you have taken
  6. some of these can be done more than one time.  For example: playing outside with water could be a sprinkler, in a swimming pool, at a splash park, with a water hose, etc…
  7. try to take these throughout the summer, don’t wait until last minute
  8. have FUN, these are you memories so make the most of them
  9. don’t forget to create something with your photos (a scrapbook, a photo album, a slideshow)

Don’t have a young toddler?  Maybe this is not THE list for you.  Check out the Clickin’ Moms scavenger hunt going on in their forum during July, CM Glimpse on Instagram, or Let the Kids Summer Shot List (which was the inspiration for this project).

before and after: the power of Photoshop

I always love seeing these so I thought I would post a few of my own from this week.  Photoshop is used to enhance a photo and does not have the power to “fix” everything that could be wrong with a photo.  Good focus is still required!ImageImage


Wanted to add one more.  This one was edited with Tamed from My4Hens Photography during my creative processing workshop on Clickin’ Moms.


lifestyle friday: this is what _____ looks like: GrandmaTime

Hi all-  this week I decided to highlight some pictures of my daughter and mom during her visit to Colorado for the last two weeks.  We had great walks, fun with chalk, splashes in the water, yummy Starbucks frappes (theirs were non coffee) and fun with all of her toys.  Some things NOT caught by the camera?  Walking down the stairs like a BIG girl and my daughter swatting my hands so grandma could push the buggy through Target.

We were sad to see her go, BUT we have lots of pictures to remember her until next time!

NOTE*** this ode to Grandma was done in Black and White because that’s what she loves 🙂


We love you grandma!

lifestyle friday: this is what _____ looks like: librarytime

So this is a little delayed, I apologize!

This was not her first trip to the library but it was the first successful trip.

Why what do you mean Colie?

Well the first time we attempted to visit the library she had two epic meltdowns and we were there less than 5 minutes.  Now, instead of taking pictures of the tantrums (because let’s face it who doesn’t love a good crying picture) I instead scooped her up and walked her out of the library which is suppose to be a place of quiet and tranquility 🙂


So this trip we enjoyed some drawing, some running, some reading, some running… you get the point.  I am lucky I got these because she was determined to bolt every 5 minutes.


So, what is your kid like in the library?