lifestyle friday: this is what _____ looks like: GrandmaTime

Hi all-  this week I decided to highlight some pictures of my daughter and mom during her visit to Colorado for the last two weeks.  We had great walks, fun with chalk, splashes in the water, yummy Starbucks frappes (theirs were non coffee) and fun with all of her toys.  Some things NOT caught by the camera?  Walking down the stairs like a BIG girl and my daughter swatting my hands so grandma could push the buggy through Target.

We were sad to see her go, BUT we have lots of pictures to remember her until next time!

NOTE*** this ode to Grandma was done in Black and White because that’s what she loves 🙂


We love you grandma!


lifestyle friday: this is what _____ looks like: librarytime

So this is a little delayed, I apologize!

This was not her first trip to the library but it was the first successful trip.

Why what do you mean Colie?

Well the first time we attempted to visit the library she had two epic meltdowns and we were there less than 5 minutes.  Now, instead of taking pictures of the tantrums (because let’s face it who doesn’t love a good crying picture) I instead scooped her up and walked her out of the library which is suppose to be a place of quiet and tranquility 🙂


So this trip we enjoyed some drawing, some running, some reading, some running… you get the point.  I am lucky I got these because she was determined to bolt every 5 minutes.


So, what is your kid like in the library?